Youm-e-Takbir Pakistan

Pakistan_Nuclear_TestYoum-e-Takbir is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan on May 28 in commemoration of Chagai-I and Chagai-II when Pakistan detonated six nuclear devices in response to India’s five detonations of Pokhran-II in 1998, 17 days after the incident. Thus, Pakistan became the 7th World Nuclear Power and the 1st in the Muslim World.[1][2][3][4][5]

Nukes Cold Test:
Pakistan has done cold test of Atomic nuke on 13march 1983. After the successful results of the cold Test Pakistan become nuclear power on March 1983. But the scientists explained that the results of real test become the Pakistan as Nuclear Power country.
Nuclear Test Decision:
On 11th may 1998 india tested his three nukes and on 13th may tested another two nukes to show the strategic strength in the region. As a result the Prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif took decision to test the Pakistani nukes for the balancing of Power in the region. Nukes Test Transportation:
All the material of primary weapon has been transported to chaghi by C-130 plane under the protection of f-16 fighter planes. The -130 over take from chaklala airport and landed on Quetta from where all the weaponary material has been transported to the Chaghi.
28 May 1998 Nukes Test:
Pakistan has successfully tested its Primary Atomic weapon on 28, May 1998 in Chaghi Hills located in Blouchistan. Pakistani Scientists selected the Koh-e-Kamran for the Test. According to Pakistani Standard time the Scientist has pushed the Fire Trigger on 3:17 pm. Within few minutes of Explosion the whole rock of Koh-e-Kamran turn into yellowish ice dust. Foreign Influence:
The foreign counties have a great influence on Pakistan to stop the experiment but the Pakistani govt. and scientists did it. The intelligence and securities announced red alert on 26 & 27 May and warned about the missile attack from the enemies. The entire scientist didn’t sleep whole night due to the passion of experiment to make a country proud. Now a days our enemies are working 24 x 7 to disable Pakistan’s nuclear capability and our current government is ready to fulfill demands of their foreign masters but they are facing stiff resistance at every level especially from the Patriotic Nation.
This phrase is recited by Muslims in many different situations. For example, when they are very happy, during times of extreme stress, to express approval, to praise a speaker, or as a battle cry (contemporarily used by Pakistan Army). In the Islamic world, instead of applause, often someone will shout Takbir or Nara-e-Takbir (in Urdu or Persian) and the crowd will respond with Allahu Akbar (God is great). The word is also used in Muslim prayers. The Government of Pakistan, asked for proposals from the nation, to decide a name by which the day should be celebrated. A country wide campaign was launched to select the name for this particular day. Thousands of names were propose by millions of Pakistanis. This name was suggested by more than one persons. All persons who suggested this name were given away Prime Minister Award. Youm-e-Takbir here can be translated to “The day of greatness” or “The day of God’s greatness”.

During the ruling period of general Ayub Khan the decision of establishing a nuclear reactor has been made with the help of Professor Abdus Salam. In 1972 the President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Munir Ahmad Khan as PAEC chairman inaugurated the first nuclear reactor of Pakistan. For this BNFL & CEA contracted with PAEC to provide plutonium and nuclear reprocessing plants in Pakistan but after the influence of India in 1974 BNFL has cancelled its all projects. Later on in 1977 the CEA also cancelled all the projects due to heavy pressure exerted by the US Secretary and other western authorities. In 1976 PAEC made another agreement with France to build an atomic facility at Chashma again due to the US influence the France cancelled its all projects in 1978. Then PAEC had contracted with British BNFL for a reprocessing facility which was cancelled in 1974 as a result in 1980 Pakistan got fully operational Nuclear Plant.


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